Nano Bible Collection


Introducing an ancient source of knowledge in a creative new way, the Jerusalem Nano Bible is the world's smallest printed Bible, made in Israel. It is a 5*5mm aluminum surface that contains more than 1,000,000 letters engraved on it.

Using new technology, Nano Bible have successfully designed a collection of jewelry that captures the holiness, ancient knowledge and tradition of the Holy Bible, while using motives that are inspired by it in our designs.

This creation came with a strong faith in heart and a great wish to spread the knowledge and the holy energy that are an integral part of Jewish tradition and culture.

This powerful source of knowledge can accompany you throughout the day and strengthen your faith. Wearing the Nano jewelry induces the feeling of being blessed, safe, balanced, and strong belongingness.

This beautiful jewelry from the Holy Land could be your way to transfer your beliefs to the new generation and the next generations to come, while preserving your culture in a family legacy gift.

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